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A paracord strap weaved into a survival bracelet, anklet or other accessory is a great and simple way of keeping an emergency supply of paracord, a versatile material that can be used for tourniquets, lashings, shoelaces, fishing lines and more.

Having one means you can be confident knowing that you'll have an incredibly useful survival tool at-hand at all times. We are getting ready to bring you an exclusive and unique selection of innovative paracord based products, including bracelets, anklets, dog collars, as well as other surprises. Please bookmark us or recommend us using the buttons on the left and check back very soon.

Ways to Use your Survival Bracelet:
In an emergency, you can use your paracord for lashings, tourniquets, shoelaces, snares, tying splints, or, if you tease out the threads, even fishing lines and sewing threads.
This bracelet lets you carry a useful amount of paracord at all times.
We will soon bring you more resources on how to make use of a paracord strap in a survival, hiking or camping situation.

How to Make a Survival Bracelet?

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: scissors, a lighter, a tape measure, and 10 feet of 550 paracord.

oct2010skillssurvivalbracelet445x296.jpg Step 1:
Cut a two-foot of cord, melt the ends, and fold it in half. Wrap the doubled-up cord around your wrist. Pull the tag ends through the loop. Tie an overhand knot with the ends. Adjust the knot so you can slip a finger between the cord and your wrist.
DSC06409.jpg Step 2:
Lay the remaining eight feet of cord in front of you horizontally.
Note: In the rest of the photos, this cord is red, not brown.
Now place the base cord, with the loop at the top, over the middle of the eight-foot cord, forming a T.
DSC06410.jpg Step 3:
Make a cobra knot.
To start, take the cord on the right and bring it over the top of the base cord to form a Z.
DSC06411.jpg Step 4:
Take the left cord and thread it down through the loop on the left side of the base cord.
Go under the base cord and up inside the loop on the right.
Pull tight.
DSC06412.jpg Step 5:
Make sure the overhand knot will fit through the small loop at the top of the base cord.
Next, starting on the left, reverse the process.
Begin by, this time, making an S.
DSC06413.jpg Step 6:
To finish reversing the step, bring the right cord down through the loop right of the base cord.
Go under the base cord and up inside the loop on the left. Pull tight.
DSC06414.jpg Step 7:
You've now completed the first cobra knot.
Continue making cobra knots until you are about one-quarter of an inch from the stopper knot.
DSC06416.jpg Step 8:
Check the fit on your wrist by pushing the stopper knot through the loop at the apex.
You can adjust the fit by moving the knot up or down.
The bracelet should fit snugly without being too tight.
When you're done, trim the tag ends and melt them.
DSC06417.jpg Step 9:
To wear, push the stopper knot through the loop to hold the bracelet securely on your wrist.
If desired, you can also add wooden toggles, buttons, buckles, and other fastening methods.
To use the cord, simply unweave the bracelet.

Your Survival Bracelet should be made with approx. 16' of 550# military spec paracord.
They will contain approximately 1.75' of paracord for every inch (wrist size) ordered.

In an emergency situation, you can unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use.
Whether you are hiking in the woods, stranded on an island, at the range, climbing a mountain, or running errands around town, you will always have several feet of 550 lb. test paracord with you at all times.
Color Options:

When it comes to colors, you have many choices.
Paracord comes many colors which allows you to have
over 1,000 different color combinations, so you shouldn't have a problem finding something you like!

Here are some examples:



Buckle Option:

You can make your Survival Bracelets with either a tough plastic side release buckle or a marine grade stainless steel shackle for attachment purposes.

Here are some examples:

buckle 1.jpg
buckle .jpg



It's your choice. If you are looking for a very unique and functional piece of gear that is also stylish and great for everyday wear, this is the one for you.










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